bhouston comments on “Bitcoin hits $15,000″

bhouston comments on “Bitcoin hits $15,000″

Just wait until it drops, most people will not be able to cash out until it is likely worth nearly othing. There will be no automatic breaks (I think) that usually happen on large stock market drops.

I think it may be technically possible for Bitcoin to drop 90% in a single day and with most people unable to sell at any price if they want it settled on the block chain.

It could be Armageddon with nearly everyone holding bitcoint getting wiped out.

That MtGox guy should sell his billion of bitcoin soon, like right now. It is a hot potato right now and I wouldn’t want to be left holding the bag with things go south.

I was a student in the first dotcom bubble and it was similar to this. And people predicted it would drop and then it did drop and basically wiped out the whole tech sector for nearly 3 years.