The difference between two images can be non-lossy, if you like.

> partially-transparent or glossy surfaces.

It's all just RGB values; there is no gloss or transparency in an image. (Image layers can have transparency for compositing, but that's obviously something else.)

If audio encoding can have "joint stereo", why not visual coding.

Many areas of a stereo image are nearly identical, like the distant background.


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there is no contentious forking if it's true decentralization. But this is more of a thing if governments would participate and run nodes along with anyone that would like to attest too.

I don't believe in the saying that you need a problem to be solved. For sure the country I live in now cannot lookup easily what other real estate properties I own in every part of the world. All governments would need to select a distributed database and encode everything on it. Well this is now called Ethereum or insert your favorite platform here and they will develop on it because the technology makes it easy.


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