sid1992 comments on “Tesla in fatal California crash was on Autopilot”

I am surprised that proponents of Tesla and autopilot fail to see that the statistics presented are just not good enough. How is 85000 successful test runs of autopilot on that road good enough? Ask any engineer dealing with mass manufacturing and that number will seem shallow from a six sigma process perspective.

Any accidents involving autopilot are far more significant that human caused accidents not only because of the drastically fewer number of cars running autopilot compared to normal cars but also because the system is meant to be much more superior if it is allowed to run on a public road.

If I have my kids in the car with me then I try to be as far away as I can from a Tesla on the road. The lack of regulation in their case is appalling. The statistics have to be far stronger than what is being stated currently for allowing their systems to be run on public roads.




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