Biggest thing I figured out is that it all comes down to energy management. Most of the time when you feel too tired to workout, it’s because you’re not working out. You have to bootstrap your own energy by forcing yourself to work out. Lifting weights or some kind of resistance training that builds muscle and strength has far too many health benefits to list here.

Sleep is critical.

Sunlight is too, also supplement D3 if you’re not getting enough.

Get your levels checked quarterly. (I’m writing for men, I know nothing about women’s health. Not trying to exclude anyone, I just haven’t researched it.)

If you’re in your 20s, T levels below 700 should be a cause for concern. My T is naturally decently high so I choose not to use TRT and focus on all natural things (diet, exercise, sleep, sunlight, etc.)

Don’t drink any sodas or fake drinks whatsoever. Coffee and water, tea, natural juices in moderation (watch your sugar). Red wine is good. Dark chocolate if you must. Avoid sugary cocktails and beer.

Supplements: whey (after lifting, watch out for fillers and soy), D3, fish oil, mg, multivitamin, the occasional caffeine pill, turmeric, athletic greens.

Walk 10k steps a day, do some kind of combat sport if you can (boxing, BJJ, etc.)

That’s my basic regimen. There’s a lot I don’t know and you have to find what works for you but this is how I stay happy and high energy.


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