morgante comments on “Climbing the wrong hill”

It’s important to realize that working for someone else can be the best way to prepare yourself for a startup. Sometimes the best way to climb the higher hill is first to climb the short one and then work your way up the saddle.

Starting a startup is a lot easier when you’re (relatively) financially secure. There’s no way I would have been able to survive the first 6 months of my startup (when I didn’t have any revenue coming in) if I hadn’t saved up a decent amount of cash from working elsewhere (not to mention that working for others gives you important skills). The important bit is to think about this systematically: if you’re going to take a job to accumulate financial and human capital, have a plan for how long you’ll work there and how much capital you need to accumulate.

Being able to found a startup on your own terms (without having to desperately find angels) is very freeing and I definitely prefer it this way. My current startup is doing much better than my last one because this time I’m not worrying about investors at all.