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> It's more if you want to find new solutions, consulting services, or hawk such things; or to look for new employment.

Consulting services - what do you mean by that? To build connections for your business?

I can understand the employment part for sure. Also, seeing lectures/talks but I can watch things on YouTube and discuss it with friends in the industry or here.

I think going to a MeetUp would be best since it's free, about learning by doing, there is networking, free food sometimes. Would meet my 'tribe' there more than anywhere else I think.


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I have my whole disk encrypted, including swap, and use LVM with BTRFS on top. My key is included in the initramfs. After I type my password in the Grub prompt, it only takes about 60 to 90 seconds to do a full boot. Although, the disk is a SSD. I'm sure if I didn't have a SSD disk, the boot process would take a very long time.


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