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bgongfu comments on “Show HN: Minimal Fibers”

I hear you; I’m not overly excited with CMake either, or the C build system story in general.

I spent several years trying to bend regular make into something I was happy with; then I spent several years on top of that using Rake, since at least it allowed me to say what I mean in a sane language. Compared to Rake, CMake is at least semi-standard, provides some kind of macro for most things I want to do, and mostly stays out of my way.

But you definitely have a point when it comes to simplicity and project fit. If someone would be willing to step up and help translate the makefile into something that doesn’t look horrible, I’d be more than happy to let it go. Otherwise we’ll have to wait until I get enough round tuits, which could take a while given how much remains to be done in Cixl.



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Keloo comments on “Fridge 0.1″

My parents live in a village, they have basement, few meters underground (under the house) the average temperature is 0-5C (even in the summer when outdoor temp is 30C).

Engineering sometimes is so wrong, people before tech had a lot of simple an nice hacks!



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nothrabannosir comments on “Show HN: Vuido builds desktop apps using Vue.js without Electron”

> but do we really care if an app is 50MB, in 2018?

> my laptop has 1TB HDD + 256GB SSD, and 24GB of RAM. I can definitely spare 50MB of disk space and 200MB of RAM.

How much cache does your laptop have? All this RAM usage completely trashes any caches anywhere. Page caches, disk cache, etc.

Slack alone takes a heavy toll on my laptop. Combine it with any heavy website on FF (which has gone insane on mac since Quantum) and the laptop is ready for take-off.

Not to mention that we are slowly putting a ±$1k price tag on “comfortable computing”. People who spend <$300 on a computer are absolutely screwed, even though they have orders of magnitude more power than a device which took humanity to the moon (to use a hackneyed comparison).

I find using developer computers as a measuring stick a painfully elitist perspective. In an ideal world, software developers would be banned from spending more than $250 on hardware. Ever. [for their current workstation]. That would do more to change the face of software than any processor improvement ever did.

> Many times it’s either an Electron app or no app at all, as many companies wouldn’t bother supporting Linux if Electron didn’t make it so cheap and easy.

I agree with this. However, focusing on first order consequences can be deceptive. Perhaps it is precisely the existence of Electron that suffocates any budding competition for more performant but slightly more involved alternatives?



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