At Google, you ostensibly must have been performing at the new level for at least six months in order to get the promotion.

The span at the level lower than your performance is accommodated by an excellent bonus and stock refresh.


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I'm not particularly familiar with the system at Google, but at any somewhat decent tech company in order to get a promotion you have to already perform as you would in your "future" role for some time, with higher-level expectations and responsibilities.

For example, is someone with level I is up for level II promo, she/he has to match level II criteria long before actual promotion is due.


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True, occlusions would be a problem but we’re taking about fake autostereoscopic 3D here, where most of the stereo rigs used for capture have but a modest baseline. Almost all of the depth perception comes from disparity, occlusions would still in fact be very visible by the averaging method I described and be at whatever depth plane of the occluder which is probably a good guess anyway. Not like your other eye would receive a correspondence from an occlusion in the real world.


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